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"Dan Armstrong is an amazing luthier - friendly, meticulous, and knowledgeable. He did a setup on my Martin CS nylon-string crossover guitar which required shaping a new bridge saddle to get the action just right. Being an apparent perfectionist, he went through three saddle blanks before the result met his standards. Now the guitar plays like a dream and has gone from being one I seldom play to one I seldom put away!"

       - Tim Negris


"I just wanted to thank Dan SO MUCH for the great work on my 20 year old Gibson J-100 (Jumbo acoustic guitar). With the beautiful custom made bone saddle and nut, plus fantastic setup and fret leveling (as well as some other minor repairs and modifications), it's like my guitar plays itself now! The tone is so crisp and even, the action is great, it's just amazing."


       - Chris Beatrice

"I recently brought in an old Martin DX1 to have the action lowered and for an overall tune-up. I used to love playing this guitar, but I always found the action a bit too high for comfort, and had wanted it lowered for so many years now. After purchasing my Taylor 614ce in 2003, the Martin took a back seat and basically never saw the light of day again. But after Dan lowered the action and gave it a tune up, I have a newfound love for my Martin! It plays incredible now. The action is perfect, making it an ease to play all the way up and down the fretboard. My Taylor will always be my pride and joy, but now that Dan has set up the Martin so well, I can definitely see myself playing it more often. Dan was very friendly, professional, and clearly knows what he's doing. I would also say that his rates are reasonable considering his level of expertise. Absolutely satisfied, and will come back to Dan for all my guitar repair and maintenance needs! Highly recommended."


       - Jason Han

"Just wanted to thank Dan for the fantastic work he has done on both my electric and acoustic guitars. Recently Dan did a bridge re-glue, fret level and setup on my 27 year old Alvarez Yari acoustic. It now plays better than the original factory set up when I first purchased the guitar in 1987. I couldn't be more pleased with Dan's professionalism, easy-going demeanor, and high quality guitar work!"


       - Rick Wilson

"Dan Armstrong of Armstrong Guitars was recommended to me by Taylor Guitars as a GOLD level service center to examine my recently purchased 2014 Taylor 816ce where the bridge appeared to me to be lifting. From the moment brought the guitar to Dan, he provided me with excellent personalized service, from ceducating me as to how the problem likey occured and preventing it from happening in the future, to documenting the bridge repair in pictures and sending them to me while they were completed in a very timely manner. I have also had Dan "set-up" my Martin DC15-ME and it was done again with perfection and he allowed me to watch the complete process and educated me while it was completed. I am very thankful I have Dan to help me with anything I need with my guitars in the future."


       - David Lombardi

"Dan has done a lot of great work on several of my guitars through the years - from setups to major repairs.  Dan is a perfectionist and treats every guitar like it's one of his own.  You know your guitar is in great hands with him.  Every time I pick up one of my guitars from Dan, I'm always amazed at how great it feels and most importantly sounds.  He does an incredible job getting your guitar into the best possible playing condition, and it feels like you're getting a new guitar when you get it back.  Dan is highly recommended. "


       - Michael Kivi




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